Burnsville Antique Trail

Spend an afternoon strolling through Burnsville’s antiques shops.  Most of the businesses on the Antique Trail are located on Main Street and around Burnsville Town Square.  The others are a short drive.  There are also restaurants, boutiques and galleries nearby.  History buffs may be interested in the 1840 McElroy House, located on the hill above the Visitor Center on West Main Street.














Hammond Antiques at 201 West Main Street.  Phone (828) 682-2777.

Menagerie Mercantile at 6 Town Square, inside the old Post Office building next to Burnsville Town Hall.  Phone (828) 284-3918.











Off The Beaten Path Antique Store at 19 West Main Street.  Follow the steps down the hill beside the sheep.  Phone (828) 678-9777.





Ye Olde Country Store at 7 South Main Street, across from the Town Center.  Phone (828) 678-9900.






New To You Furniture at 601 East Main Street.  Phone (828) 682-9354.




Kit-n-Kaboodle Antiques at 706 East US Hwy 19E.  Phone (828) 682-4071.




Sam & Dixie Styles Antiques at 733 East Main Street.  Phone (828) 208-1447.



The Visitor Center at 106 West Main Street.  Phone (828) 682-7413.