Blue Ridge Parkway in Yancey County






Road to Mount Mitchell

The Blue Ridge Parkway is the only access to Mount Mitchell State Park at Hwy 128 and milepost 355.  It’s five miles to the summit. The Parkway was built by CCC labor in the 1930s.  Workers used dynamite to blast tunnels through the mountains and carve a road through rough, remote terrain.  The Parkway rises to an elevation over 5,000 feet as it passes through Yancey County.  

Mount Mitchell State Park


Best Drive in America

Winding along the southern edge of Yancey County, the Blue Ridge Parkway gives travelers an amazing view of the Black Mountains and the South Toe River Valley.  Stretching for nearly 500 miles through the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia – and not one single redlight – the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the best scenic drives in America.  















The road to Mount Mitchell State Park is located near milepost 355.




The view of Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains from milepost 350.




The sign at Buck Creek Gap at milepost 344 and State Hwy 80.  To get to Burnsville, exit the Parkway at Buck Creek Gap and take Hwy 80 going north (16 miles).

Videos about Mount Mitchell:

Winter on Mount Mitchell:  The Longest Season

Welcome to Mount Mitchell State Park

Black Mountains

The view of the Black Mountains from north on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This is the same view of the ridgeline that native people and the original settlers saw when they first arrived in the mountains.  The span of the ridgeline is about 10 miles long.