Fastest Internet in North Carolina

One gig per second

With a $25 million fiber optic project in the last five years, businesses in Burnsville and Yancey County now have access to Internet speeds up to one-gig-per-second for upload and download.  Residential customers can get 500 megabits-per-second.  This fast service makes it possible to conduct business online, enjoy high-speed Internet at home, and live in a beautiful place in the mountains.













Widespread Cell Coverage

Over the last decade, communications companies have also increased the number of cell towers and expanded coverage in Burnsville and Yancey County, providing reliable cell-phone service.







Life in Burnsville and Yancey County, 21st century style.

The video shows the entrepreneurial spirit in Burnsville as new industry is expanding here, and more small businesses are opening.  And all of them are using high-speed Internet.