McElroy House at Yancey History Complex

1840 McElroy House

Visiting the The McElroy House at the Yancey History Association Complex is like taking a trip back in time.  Perched on a hill above the Visitor Center on West Main Street, the house, grounds, and museum exhibits are a treasure trove of information about life in Burnsville in the mid-1800s.  Open Wednesday thru Saturday, 10am – 4pm, April to November.  Tours $3.




The house was originally built in 1840 by John Wesley McElroy, owner of a general store in Burnsville.  




The first floor has the dining room, kitchen, and living quarters.  The stairs lead to bedrooms and museum exhibits on the second floor.






Much of the home appears as it did in the 19th century with period furniture and accent pieces, and family portraits of the people who lived there. 

There’s also a small 1860s village setting with three log structures behind the McElroy House.






The McElroy House has a large dining room and parlor, seven fireplaces, and an L-wing on the back of the home that has additional living quarters near the kitchen, which features a big fireplace, and large pots and cooking utensils on display. Exhibits in the upstairs bedrooms give visitors a glimpse into Civil War-era life. 


















































The museum features exhibits, artwork and memorabilia from Mt. Mitchell State Park, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2016.

Lloyd Bailey Museum Annex

Visit the museum next door, named after a distinguished Duke professor, local historian and genealogist, Dr. Lloyd R. Bailey.  The museum features exhibits on Mount Mitchell’s 100th Anniversary, moonshine making, and a great collection of local veterans’ uniforms and memorabilia. Staff will also assist with genealogical research.