Nu Wray Inn on Burnsville Town Square

In 1833, a year before Burnsville came into existence, a stagecoach delivered its passengers to a brand new hotel in the western frontier of North Carolina. Today,  nearly two centuries later, the Nu Wray Inn is still the grand hotel on Burnsville Town Square.  There are more than a dozen guest rooms, each with their own bathroom, and many parlors and sitting areas.   102 Town Square











Nu Wray Restaurant

The restaurant is open to the public, and serves chef-prepared meals in a family style setting.  For more info, call the Nu Wray at (828) 682-2329.






Throughout the year, the Nu Wray hosts many special events, ranging from live music on the porch to destination weddings.  






Past guests at the Nu Wray Inn include Elvis Presley, O. Henry, and Thomas Wolfe, who was a witness in a murder trial in Burnsville in 1929.







 Built as a log structure in 1833 at the time Yancey County was formed, the inn had eight bedrooms, and a dining room and kitchen.  There are beams in the Nu Wray today that date back to its original construction.  It was open during The Civil War, The Great Depression, and World Wars 1 & 2.  The Nu Wray Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Weekend Destination

Family gatherings, parties, weddings and reunions often rent the Nu Wray Inn to serve as a memorable, authentic backdrop for their event.   There’s a restaurant in the Inn, as well as local caterers and musicians in the area available for hire.