Snow on Burnsville Town Square


Burnsville is beautiful during winter, but it’s especially photographic at Christmas when the decorations on Town Square are covered in snow. This picture-perfect moment of the statue of Captain Otway Burns with the historic NuWray Inn in the background was captured by photographer Nancy Smith.  Photo courtesy of Theresa Coletta



Winter draws many visitors to Burnsville and Yancey County.  Cross country skiers make the trek here, as well as people who like to “car hike” through the mountains and see the amazing winter scenery as it passes by.

Restaurants, lodging and shopping in Burnsville are all open during the winter months.  More and more people are choosing to travel off-season to avoid crowds and because of the great deals available for meals and places to stay.


Town Square has been the center of Burnsville since 1834.  Today, the community still gathers here for holidays and celebrations.  The statue of Captain Otway Burns was placed in the center of the Square in 1909.


Originally, the Yancey County courthouse was located here on Burnsville Town Square before it was moved in the early 20th century.  Today the beloved Town Square is an open space for the community.